Our top wedding venues in Edinbugh

Edinburgh is one of the most amazing cities to get married in! With literally hundreds of amazing venues, so fantastic scenery and some of the Scotlands most fabulous restaurants if you’re looking for a destination wedding or even if you live in the city you can’t do much wrong with a wedding within the nation’s capital. At favour heaven, we’re currently looking at some of the UK’s leading cities to help our readers make sense of some of the best venues for their wedding, this week we are looking at Scotlands capital city and with help from local Edinburgh Wedding Photographer Alastair, we are going to be counting down the top venues for your wedding!

Cringletie House Hotel

cringletie house hotelConsidered one of the most romantic wedding venues within the Scottish borders Cringletie House Hotel is a must for anyone looking for that fairytale wedding. Alastair says “the pink sandstone the house is made from really gives this venue a lovely feel, and the currents almost add a magical edge the building”. The house sits in 28 acres of stunning Scottish countryside which make the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

The Caves, The Rowantree and Marlin’s Wynd

These three venues are some of the unique that Edinburgh has to offer. Location in the heart of the cities old town each one is licenced for civil and religious ceremonies and can host a full day wedding even through to the last dance. Alastair from ABM Photography “This atmospheric wedding venue contains exposed brickwork, intimate low-level lighting, and massive archways give the opportunity for some truly unique wedding photo’s”. No matter what the size of your wedding this venue can meet your needs with seating up to 130.

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

Dryburgh Abbey HotelThis classical hotel is set by the banks of the River Tweed and is one of the region’s most desirable locations for weddings. “This riverside location has over 10 acres of grounds and the world famous ruins of Dryburgh Abbey are just magical!” Whether you are planning your whole wedding day at this fantastic venue or just your reception, the hotel offers a range of options for you big day. The grounds can also hold marquees with weddings having upwards of 200 people in attendance.


Norton House Hotel & Spa

Norton House HotelA new entry onto our list this year for top wedding venues in Edinburgh is Norton Hous. A personal favourite of Alastair’s he has shot many a wedding here and he thinks it is one of the finest locations for a couple to wed. “You just can’t argue with these surrounding, really it’s so romantic, I’ve seen weddings on the lawns at this venue and they are just stunning it makes for some great photography!”. We would have to agree with Alastair and were sure the staff at Norton House would too. Norton House provides a full team of event organisers to help you plan the big day from menu tastings to designing your perfect reception.

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our top pick of some of the best wedding venues in the region and don’t forget to check out some of the photographs from our fantastic guide this week Alastair from ABM Photography whose link to his website in the resources below. If you think we’ve missed any venues then just let us know and check back soon for another article to help you plan the perfect wedding!





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Top Wedding Venues in Leeds

There are many elements that contribute to a wedding being an amazing and memorable occasion. One of the most important factors of the day is the venue and getting this right is essential. Size, location, budget and style are just some of the considerations you will need to make when picking the perfect venue for you. At Favour heaven we like to give our readers as much information as possible so that they might be better prepared for the perfect wedding. This week we are looking at wedding venues in Leeds and and we’ve enlisted the help of Leeds wedding photographer Catherine from Eye Capture Photography to help us with her insider knowledge of local venues.

The Mansion

This magnificent building is the perfect location for spectacular wedding celebrations. It is also the dream setting for a wedding photographer in Leeds as both the interior of the building and the surrounding grounds have some fantastic spots to take amazing photographs to capture special moments throughout the big day. Both the food and the service at The Mansion are of an exceptional standard.

The Met

The Met boasts a personal wedding coordinator who will work with you to make sure your big day meets all your expectations. While the historical exterior of this Grade II listed building add romance and a sense of occasion to your wedding, the interior is more contemporary in design with coloured lighting and bright décor. This means this venue is well-suited to the modern bride. The light, bright rooms are spacious and can accommodate a large number of guests. This hotel offers packages that include accommodation for the bridal party and guests.

Oulton Hall

In terms of grandeur and a stunning setting, Oulton Hall is one of the most perfect wedding venues in the Leeds area. The listed grounds provide a wedding photographer in Leeds with the ideal backdrop to create beautiful photographs. There are several function rooms to choose from, so you can select the one best-suited to your needs. Oulton Hal is a Grade II listed building that has recently been renovated to provide a luxury venue for weddings and other events.

Woodlands Hotel

Built in 1871, this elegant and charming hotel is a great choice for romantic and stylish wedding celebrations. As only one wedding is hosted here each day, you are guaranteed exclusivity at this venue on your special day. There are no set packages. Instead, the staff at Woodlands Hotel focus on helping you to create the wedding of your dreams by tailoring the day to meet your personal requirements.
Hoyle Court

This Edwardian Baroque venue is licensed for civil ceremonies, so you will only need one venue if you choose this hotel. The tree-lined driveway gives you the chance to arrive in style on your big day and both the grounds and surrounding woodland are a wonderful setting for unique and creative wedding photographs. Hoyle Court offers exclusivity for weddings and the selection of wedding menus using fresh, local ingredients are just two of the advantages of opting for this wedding venue.

These are just some of the best venues for weddings in Leeds and each has something different to offer. The venue you will depend on your personal preferences as well as many practical considerations, such as budget and the size of the wedding party. Regardless of which you choose, each of these venues will make your wedding as memorable an occasion as possible and provide you with a fabulous setting to capture your memories in photographs.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful and if you are planning a wedding Leeds Catherine from Eye Capture Photography who kindly helped us to write this article will be on hand to help with your photography needs. Don’t forget to come back soon for more information on planning the perfect wedding.






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Choosing a marquee or hotel for your wedding venue?

At Favourheaven were never one to shy away from asking the hard questions when it comes to organising a wedding! Its the most important day of your life so making the right choice for your wedding venue is so unimportant but what to do!

There are so many different options when it comes to picking a place for your wedding reception but what it all boils down to is hotel vs. marquee! Personally we are all in favour of wedding marquee for receptions they’re just so versatile so to help us out we looked for an expert. We spoke to marquee hire Cheshire expert Mark from Elite Marquees, who at the time was in Altrincham setting up a wedding Marquee to help us make the case for choosing a marquee for your wedding reception.

The first thing that Mark pointed out is you can’t move a hotel; you are stuck with how the building looks and feels and you certainly can’t change the size. A marquee can be moved, decorate din any style and if needs are made bigger to accommodate an ever-growing list of guests. From smaller more intimate weddings through to larger weddings with lots of guests a wedding marquee can be made to measure.

The other main advantage to wedding marquee is design, “A marquee offers a blank canvass to when it comes to decorating the sky is the limit” says Mark. His team regularly use lighting with great effect within their marquees and by using a range of flooring types, coloured fabrics and accessories space can become truly unique to your wedding. Dance floors can be added as well as space for catering if it’s needed.

Although Hotels offer similar features being able to open up the sides of your marquee and enjoy the British Summer is something no hotel can compete with. “With the right weather your marquee his the perfect space to be able to enjoy an outdoor wedding with all the benefits of the indoors.”. Mark advocates using an event planner such as the ones offered by Elite Marquees to help you organise your wedding. “There are so many different things to organise when it comes to a wedding it can get a little stressful at times; an event organiser can take some of that pressure off you and help make your wedding truly special”.

Well as you can see a Marquee is the way to go when it comes to a wedding reception venue and we hope you agree! To arrange your wedding marquee or for more information on Marquee hire in Cheshire then contact Elite Marquees, they are one of the North West leading marquee hire companies their website is www.elite-marquees.co.uk

If you’re interested in becoming a contributor to our site or wish to help us by becoming a source of information such as Mark, then contact us today via our contact form we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Destination Wedding Planning

So once you’ve decided that you want to have a destination wedding, how can you plan a wedding when the place you want to hold the wedding might be half a world away? After all, most brides don’t have the resources to fly back and forth in order to talk with local caterers, look at event halls or banquet rooms, consult with florists and do all the other little things that go into planning a wedding. It can be a daunting task to try and plan a wedding that is going to be held in a far away place but don’t worry. There are several strategies brides can use to plan a wedding from far away.

Look for places that have wedding packages


Many of the places that are popular destination wedding spots are well used to dealing with the concerns of brides. Look online, get recommendations from friends, and if possible, take a short trip to the location where you want to hold the wedding so that you can talk to wedding coordinators at several possible sites for the wedding about what exactly you want for your wedding. Almost all of the resorts and hotels in these places will have full time wedding coordinators who will be happy to answer all your questions about setting up the perfect wedding. Many times these resorts offer special package deals that can include everything you need for the wedding and reception right up to the catering and help picking out a dress. They can arrange hotel rooms for you and your guests, flights to and from the location, entertainment for your guests, setting up the reception hall, finding a florist, getting the perfect cake and all the other little details that go into planning a wedding.  An all inclusive wedding package can seem expensive, but you need to remember that the cost of nearly everything in the wedding is included and then it seems like a bargain.

Use the Internet

With the technology that exists today brides can see everything they need to see in order to plan a wedding with digital cameras, virtual tours, and email. Using virtual tours can be a great way to see a place before putting down a deposit or deciding to have your wedding there. Potential florists can send you digital photos of their work. Bakers can send you digital photos of their cake selections. Bridal houses can show you exactly how a gown would look on you if you send them a photo of you. Almost every detail for planning a wedding can be taken of virtually by using technology.

Invest in a wedding planner


Having a wedding planner working with you can be a life-saver when it comes to planning a destination wedding. Ask the resort for some
recommendations for reliable local wedding planners and once you have found one that you like and whose fee is within your budget, you can turn all the coordination responsibilities over to the wedding planner. Getting a wedding planner is a wise investment because wedding planners will have already established relationships with local florists, caterers, bakers, and other people whose services you will need to have the perfect wedding.

Instead of pulling your hair out trying to coordinate a wedding from thousands of miles away, let the wedding planner do it and then you will be free to focus on finding the perfect dress and getting ready to marry the love of your life.

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